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Don’t cancel your trip, postpone

Don't cancel your trip to Costa Rica, postpone

When it comes to travel, there are so many players involved in making sure you have a wonderful trip. There’s the travel agent who books your trip, the flight attendant who welcomes you on your flight, and the staff at your hotel or resort who take care of you.

There are the staff who keep the airport clean, the TSA staff and security guards, and those who work in the restaurants at the airport. There are entire towns and cities who rely heavily on tourism to keep them afloat, too. Street vendors, tour guides, and owners of tourist sites welcome the influx of tourist traffic as the primary way they earn a living.

The entire tourism supply chain suffers when people choose to get refunds on their trips now versus adjust their dates and traveling later on.

This pandemic has shown us all how much we need each other and how our simple day-to-day choices help shape the great country we get to enjoy and celebrate. Let’s show our support for those who take care of us to ensure that we have a great time on our trips. The travel industry is committed to being there for you and we hope you’ll support all of us by choosing to postpone, not cancel.

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